The angry driver’s mate

Everybody gets angry. Everyone has their bad hair days. But when these days start to get in the way of your job, it becomes a big problem. So a few days ago, i hopped on a troski from Kwabenya to Madina, and i could just feel everybody’s pain. He was so rude and angry, you’d wonder whether Mahama had handed over his woes to him. He snapped at everybody, shortchanged some, and cheated others. He didn’t even take me where i wanted to go so in effect, he lied. I had to get on another bus to get to my destination. I should have been angry. I should probably have threatened to sue him, but that wouldn’t have made much of a difference. Come on, no Ghanaian driver’s mate cares about suing. That’s for the other boys.

In spite of everything, i chose not to get angry. To be patient with him.Who knows what happened to him earlier? You just never can tell. Most of us rush to a conclusion anytime we’re in this kind of situation. We feel like we have bigger problems, but did you even hear his? Nobody has the right to make any one else miserable, but we do have a choice of tolerating others even when we don’t exactly agree with what they do. Listen first, then judge.

Well i hope i do see that mate some other time. i sure want to know what exactly was bugging him.

Well this isn't really him. i needed a picture to make my story clear.
Well this isn’t really him. i needed a picture to make my story clear.

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