I was thinking….

Sometimes, we only pay attention to certain stuff when we need them. People too, and God. Especially God. We pay attention to family when we need help with stuff. We pay attention to our friends when we think we need emotional support. I can’t imagine a world where people are not selfish. Selfishness isn’t necessarily holding on to stuff and not wanting to share… Putting ourselves first is too, and well not doing that is a gift. We need God when we’re in a fix, when we need to pass our exams, when we need relationship help, and especially when we want to get ahead in life. When we need to let go of the anger, pain, hurt and resentment. He helps us. And then what? What happens when we’re finally happy or at peace? When we win back a love or succeed in something? What happens after He gives us what we asked for?  We leave right? Like we always do. Draw back until something extra_o happens again and then we’re back weeping at His feet and demanding a miracle. If i were God,i’ll just keep everyone in abject misery so their allegiance to me is assured. Good idea or? Well i’m not Him so obviously this won’t work. I think i get why sometimes He lets certain things happen to us, because human as we are, it takes a deep hurt to feel a deep need for God.

Do we ever wonder how He feels? Well yeah we treat Him like He’s so abstract so we don’t realize sometimes that he feels like we do.  Maybe it’s time we trust Him with our happiness too, the same way we let him know about our misery.

Well, i was just thinking….. maybe you should too.


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