Where my heart used to be.

There’s an ice box where my heart used to be.

(I would say ice chest, but nah.)

The past is in deep freeze and the future just won’t thaw enough to allow now to breathe in scents of beautifully smelling things.

(There’s always ice too….somehow ECG tentacles don’t reach this far)

There’s a furnace where my heart used to be.

The fiery flames are licking at every hand that reaches out to touch.

Opening its mouth wide, it swallows and burns those feelings that may breed strange emotions the world calls love.

The flames singe flesh.

The flesh of those who dare come near without protective gear.

The flesh of the innocents.

The ones who shouldn’t get hurt but do anyway because flames need to burn through metal before i know which is real gold.

There’s a rock where my heart used to be.

Like the umbrella rock, my inner self is kept safe in the crevices of a much bigger thing.

A thing that will take out a part of itself,  crush fragile hearts, break into pebbles, but leave me intact.

I know what used to be there isn’t anymore.

There’s something else where my heart used to be.



 For my non-ghanaian friends😊;

*ECG- Electricity Company of Ghana

*Umbrella rock- a very beautiful rock that is shaped like an Umbrella and is found  in Ghana








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