Sometimes I like how we’re just there,


Playing games with this relationship that defy chance.

Other times I long for a name I could call us, just so i’m sure that this is not a passing thing.

That no matter how far you go, you’ll always come back.

That maybe we’ll last forever and you can have your ten children but i’ll only keep two for a maximum of a week.

“Bestfriend sounds ordinary.

It’s the kind of term that’s used even by people who’ve only known each other for 2 minutes.

It just cannot define us. We’re bigger than best.

The beauty of forever is that it’s beautiful despite not being defined.

Everybody wants forever. Nobody actually knows what it holds.

I call it the “allure of the unknown” –

That willingness to be ensnared by something we neither know nor understand.

We have known pain powerful enough to drive others to self-destruction.

We have roused sleeping wave with our angriest thoughts,

yet we have overcome.

We have broken barriers with our tears and bruised ourselves trying to climb each other’s walls.

We have tread on hot coal, felt it burn and smelt singeing flesh, yet we knew how important it was for gold to be refined first.

We have burnt badly, yet suffered gladly because real people do not go back on their commitments.

We have been broken and till now, we still haven’t found some pieces.

We’re works of art in the making.

We’re unfinished scripts and untold stories.

Everyday I remind myself to love you right after I tell myself to love me, because beautiful things require intentional effort.

We have our flaws,

yet over these years, I have learned to love the thorns because they come with a rose.

For nothing beautiful was carelessly made.

The juxtaposition of thorns and roses, of love and pain, of smiles and anger and everything sweet and sour in between, do not have an accurate enough definition or clearly defined emotional sentiment, yet everyone has come to accept them as  elements of a whole.

We are an undefined whole.


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