I’m I here or am I here?

Dear reader, you seem to be wondering why am writing like this. I’m I wrong in promoting text language that is normal for some? I can feel your confusion so let me pause here and hit you with these I’mazing posts I found on my whatsapp status today.

So this is what some of us picky readers face everyday and finally Manuel posts about it, giving me feed for my blog🤗. Am excited about this really. It makes things really clear in a humorous manner. You should definitely click here to see his blog.

I’m is a contraction of I am, and it’s usually more prevalent in spoken than written English. This makes me feel like an English teacher already. Sigh🤦🏾‍♀️

“Am” on the other hand is a form of “be” or “be-ing”. Essentially helps you express what you say you are. Does this even make sense? I hope you understand why am so worried when I I’m seeing these i’mazing things😅. Are you ampressed with this? Hope you are🤗

The “your” and “you’re” people should relax. Seems like they’ve been attacked enough.



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